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Saturday, 11 January 2014

New Blog Same Mind

If you have enjoyed your time here, I encourage you to follow my other blog. I don't update this anymore, and will be migrating most of the juicy stuff here over to there.  The new blog is entitled "Confessions of a Cougar Call Girl, and you can follow Erica Birdsong on Google Plus to stay updated, or follow in Blogger, or via email. I hope you'll follow.


Ms Erica

Sunday, 29 December 2013

New blog...More all encompassing, just as eclectic, even more explicit, and entirely entertaining Come follow "Confessions of a Cougar Call Girl" at cougarcallgirl/

Monday, 4 November 2013

Search Term Poem

Note: For those of you who are new to the blog, or new to me, welcome! Although the original title and intent of the blog was to write about my experiences as a professional domme, more and more of what I do is becoming 'Girlfriend Experience' as opposed to 'Sensual Dominance', and I like that just fine. I really enjoy the gentlemen that I choose to see, because I choose them carefully. I pay close attention to my intuition, and if I get the impression that 'this will be a gentleman I am going to enjoy spending intimate time with', then I follow that. As I said in a post that unfortunately got zapped a few months back, no matter how vanilla it might seem by some standards, it still fulfills my kink of having all kinds of wild sex with multiple partners, and at the same time, it keeps me from having to sell off my precious metals at a huge loss to keep the bills paid! So, sometime soon, I'm renaming the blog, but I will be writing about a far wider range of sexytime play!

I haven't posted one of these in a while...of course I haven't posted much lately either, have I? I'm sorry darlings, but I have had a lot on my mind and on my plate. Anyway, a while ago I got the idea to post a month's worth of the search terms that have lead you naughty boys and girls here in the form of a free verse poem Entitled "In Search of Erica". I present to you now...

In Search of Erica: October

dommes who like sissies
dommes who love sissies
find a mistress to become a sissy
green eyes, lush figure
mistress erica
my handsome boy is a sissy
sissy boy slut book
the perfect slut blog

I'm sensing a theme here, how about you???

Thursday, 5 September 2013

What Mistress Needs...

Hello Lovelies!

As you know, it takes work to look good for all of my clients: gentlemen, sissies, and Mommy's boys alike. It also takes regular infusions of cash, believe Me! I'm asking my darlings to dig deep and shower Me in goodies...If I don't look and feel good, I can't possibly either keep you in your place or fulfill your most sensual desires..

It's true: I no longer exclusively provide domme services. In fact, more often than not lately, what my visitors enjoy is best classified as being somewhere between a GirlFriend Experience and a Pornstar Experience, in 'hobby' terms. I still don't see anyone for less than an hour, and I prefer appointments of 90 minutes or more.  I also like to prebook with clients whenever I can, but I no longer accept bookings longer than 120 minutes for clients I do not know. I still play safe and everything is sane and consensual. I still insist that my visitors treat me with respect and dignity, and for some of them, it borders on reverence. I understand that whether it's Dominance or "Full Service", my clients return to me because of the way I make them feel when they are in my little paradise. I don't like one-timers: I like repeaters! I like being able to build rapport, to really learn which buttons to push, how to make you happiest (even if that means treating you poorly...)

I admit; I have had client requests, both domme and otherwise, that I have turned down. I am particular, but don't you think that's a good thing? I have too much self-respect to book everyone that calls or emails. If you can't be bothered to send an email that's more than a sentence long, you're not likely going to enjoy having to read My ads. They're descriptive: guys that get Me, seem to like that. Most of the gentlemen who see me semi-regularly are a delight and a pleasure, and generous to a fault!

Want to feel generous? Erica needs some financial assistance from loyal fans & subjects....

  1. Haircut and colour                                                             $150
  2. Advertising budget for 1 month                                      $120
  3. Facial and full body massage                                            $100
  4. New shoes                                                                            $80
  5. Spa manicure                                                                       $60
  6. Lingerie                                                                                $50
Any and all contributions will be acknowledged here and on My website with photos and captions! You know My email, don't you darlings?


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Your Call Will Be Terminated

If you ask Me "it's not possible to book a half hour visit?" after having read My website and My ads, your call will be terminated.

If you ask Me to give you a complete visual description of the outfit I'll be wearing, your call will be terminated.

If you ask Me "there's no exception to that rule?" about ANY of my restrictions/rules, your call will be terminated.

If you are rude or crude, your call will be terminated.

If I don't like your attitude, your call will be terminated.

Friday, 26 July 2013

What if....? (A Fantasy Roleplay Scenario)

Sexy curvy redhead MILF will reward you handsomely for a brand new iPod* in package! read the online classified ad. That's it, that's all it said. You found yourself intrigued. Something about the description tickled your fancy. You imagined how those three adjectives and that one noun might all stack up. Reward? That seems like an interesting way to put it, doesn't it? And there isn't a price on the ad either...and what do you suppose that could mean?

When you email, you get a phone number to call. The voice on the other end is rich and mellow; low and sexy, sultry. It's the voice of a woman who loves belting out classic rock tunes rolling down the highway in a 70s muscle car...and you're still more fascinated.

When She greets you, you are met with the sight of a body built for Sin...soft curves where a woman should curve. Hips a man can hold onto. Creamy cleavage and just a tiny hint of a black lace bra...skirt maybe just a little too short, slightly too tight, but that just shows more full thighs and surprisingly long legs. She holds back the door for you, and as you enter, you brush against her ripe rounded ass. Wordlessly, she takes your hand and leads you up a long staircase into a cool, softly lit and comfortable bedroom...and she takes the iPod from your hand, guides your hand to one ripe breast and presses her beautifully lipsticked mouth to yours...

* is the one I am looking for. If you wish to play out this 2.5 hour fantasy roleplay session, please send Me a message through My website to discuss terms.